Where Did It All Begin...?

The true adventure began on 26th July 2008; the day that two little piglets were born. Just a matter of weeks beforehand I had been visiting the Three Counties Show in Malvern where I met a breeder of Kune Kune pigs. It was here that we started to question why we couldn't have pigs. A small piece of land near my grandmother's home had recently come up for rent and it felt like something we needed to do. After a turbulent few years within the immediate family it was about time we had a break.

Fast forward to their day of arrival and I became the very proud owner of Philli and Delilah. It was from this very moment that my whole future would change; unbeknown to me at the time.

Two years earlier I had finally disclosed at least six years of abuse. Although I did not feel affected at the time, I had finally realised it was not okay. 

Although I did not feel affected at the time, others around me had seen differences in my behaviour and it wasn't all that long before depression, anxiety and a lot of emotions began to hit me. 

Talking about myself has never been a strong point for me and it certainly did not improve at this time, leaving many therapy options disregarded. Instead, I fell upon my own therapy in the form of spending my days with these piglets. I sat with them, I stroked them, I fed them, I cleaned them out, we played ball, I taught them to sit for treats, they would jump over little hurdles... I would care for their every need. It was here that I found peace. 

8 years on and I was working in a job I loved and studying for a degree in Psychology with the Open University. I decided that this was the time to make the jump and I began the process of applying for charity registration. I had realised that it would not be an easy process but after a year of back and forth with the application I was finally granted registration on 5th May 2017.